What is xclock?

XClock is a free, open source clock application for the X Window System. It provides an attractive, modern interface for displaying the time. XClock can be configured to show the time in various formats, including local time, UTC time, or your system's default time zone.

How do I install xclock?

To install xclock, you can use the yum command as follows:

yum install xclock

You can also find xclock in the Fedora repositories.

Where can I find xclock?

xclock is a free, open source time management application. It can be found at the following

How do I use xclock?

To start using xclock, first launch it by entering the following command:

./x clock

To view your current time in various formats (including 24 hour format), enter: ./x clock -f "format=%H:%M" where "%H" is the hour number and "%M" is the minute number.# To change your display's font size: ./x clock -sFontSize=xxwhere xx is a number between 1 and

  1. 2-linux-x86_6tar.gzXClock is available in the repositories of most major Linux distributions, including Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu.# apt install xclock# yum install xclock# zypper install xclockYou can also find it on GitHub . If you want to compile it from source, see the instructions below.# git clone # cd xclock# make
  2. # To toggle fullscreen mode on or off: ./x clock --fullscreen## To quit xclock completely: CTRL+D## You can also set hotkeys for common tasks:# To show or hide all windows simultaneously (by default this command only shows window with name 'MainWindow'): ALT+F4## To show or hide window with given name (by default this command only shows window with name 'MainWindow'): CTRL+W MainWindow### For more information about hotkeys and commands please refer to man page of `./x clock`:# man x ClockAlternatively, you can visit for detailed instructions on how to use each feature of xClock.# How do I change my display's font size?To change your display's font size:, enterwhereis a number between 1 and

Why would I want to install xclock?

Xclock is a simple, lightweight clock application that can be used to time events or displays the current time.

What are the dependencies for xclock?

xclock requires the following dependencies:

- GTK+ - libglib- libgtk

  1. 0 or higher
  2. 0-dev

What does xclock do?

XClock is a system monitor for X. It provides real-time information about the CPU, memory, and network usage. It can also display graphs of these metrics over time.

Is there a GUI for xlock?

There is a GUI for xlock, but it is not installed by default.

Does this package have any security vulnerabilities?

Yes, there are several security vulnerabilities in this package. For example, an attacker could exploit a vulnerability to execute arbitrary code on the system or access sensitive information. Additionally, xclock does not properly restrict the permissions of files it creates, which could allow users to gain access to sensitive information. Finally, xclock fails to verify SSL certificates, which could allow attackers to spoof trusted sources and inject malicious content into web pages. All of these vulnerabilities are potentially serious and should be addressed by users who install this package.

How big is the footprint for xlock?

The footprint for xlock is about 1MB.

10 Can I uninstall xlock if I don't need it anymore?

Yes, you can uninstall xlock if you don't need it anymore. To uninstall xlock: 1. Open a terminal window and type the following command: yum remove xclock10 2. If prompted to continue, type yes. 3. After xclock10 is removed, you can restart your computer to finish uninstalling it.